Aberdeen Run4It Retailer spurred by online growth

It’s a stunning indicator of the power of web technologies, reports have come out that Run4It, a company that is Scotland’s largest independent retailer and headquartered in Aberdeen – is being fueled by online sales. It’s quite an interesting state of affairs, the country has since recovered from the recession of 2008 and it’s good to see that such companies can come out of a recession and go from strength to strength. In the case of Run4It there are now 8 stores across Scotland that they have opened. I visited Aberdeen recently (tip use this to look up cheap hotels in Aberdeen) and I was quite surprised by how well it is doing compared to when I visited it in 2007. It’s really come along despite the oil price drop – Aberdeen’s biggest sectors are still oil and the seaport  so it is great that things still seem to be booming.

Needless to say this news gave me pause to think about all of the other traditional highstreet sectors that have gotten themselves a domain name, and hosting and set up online only to have it drive most of their commercial success. In this model the high street brands have physical locations that act as almost as marketing locations first and customer service and sales centres second. Actually the story seems to be pretty universal across the retail space. There really is no excuse for not having an internet presence anymore. If you don’t your business won’t survive.

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