Extra Services That You Get From The Best Domain Name Service Provider

Who does not want to choose the best domain name service provider, right? But there is something more that the best domain name service provider has that others do not. The exclusive answer to that question will be given mainly depending on the type of website that is being talked about. This is true even if the website is not a revenue generator and only for personal use. The domain name is equally important in both the cases.

Quality Over The Quantity

There are a plenty of domain name registrars already available in the market. The hosting companies as you already know are the ones who can provide you with these essential services. This will be expected as well if some companies are better than others when the topic comes to providing these services. Two of the most well-recognized companies are:

  • com
  • com.

They both have the experience in the registration of domain names. The reports have suggested otherwise that they are not equal in case of providing the quality of service. You need to have an online presence to tell the difference.


Pay The Optimum Price

This is one of the most important extra services that a domain registrar that can offer you. A great price shall affect the performance of your blog in the long run. For a basic one, you are actually purchasing a domain without any valid extra features. You can have the registration of your domain privately. A private domain is highly recommended by the top marketers in the country. This will certainly cost a few more bucks than it usually does. But in the long run, you will actually get more than what you paid for in the beginning.

Protection Of Your Privacy

This is a much needed extra service that you get from the best domain name service provider. You might not want to show the personal information given on the net publicly. You anyway have to provide your Name, Mobile number, Email ID, Contact Address, etc. during the purchase. Any domain name will require this, and it is called the ‘WHO IS’ information. The domain information on the WHO IS will also include the date of creation. The date given shall indicate the actual time when the domain was registered. You will also get to know the expiry date. That directly means the date until when your domain is registered.

This is a feature which many domain providers charge additionally. This is required for the safeguarding of your personal information from spammers. It protects you from hackers who might misuse your WHO IS information for their benefit. You may, however, choose a domain registrar who provides this service without additional charges. They may demand low price for privacy protection in comparison to the former.

Your domain name is the identity of your blog or website. Hence choosing the domain name service provider is equally important as choosing a perfect domain name. The more services they provide, the better. But then you should be aware of misleading people who are aplenty.